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syncboxRED GPS Serial Time Receiver

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syncboxRED is a high sensitivity GPS serial time receiver system providing PPS and RS232 serial messages for single system and PC time synchronisation.

Part Code: Discontinued
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Key Features

syncboxRED is a single box GPS serial time receiver system, providing high accuracy serial data for single system timing and PC time synchronisation applications. The receiver is suitable for external and internal installation (when mounted close to a window) due to the high sensitivity of the GPS reception circuit. The antenna system is supplied with wall mount fixings.

GPS as a time reference

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a radio based, all weather satellite navigation system used in many applications to provide accurate positional information. GPS also provides a very accurate calculation of time. In suitably designed receiver systems, the time source can be harnessed to provide internal timing signal offsets in the tens of nanoseconds range. Taking into account signal processing and driver propagation delays, timing data is available on the output pins of the syncboxRED accurate to within 1 µsec of UTC.

High sensitivity

The syncboxRED GPS Time Receiver incorporates an advanced high sensitivity GPS engine with class leading interference rejection and low noise operation. This enables the system to acquire a full time and date lock extremely quickly under normal signal strength conditions, and also facilitates full time and date lock in urban canyon areas where GPS signals may not have previously been reliably available.

RS232 data output for PC time synchronisation

The syncboxRED has a single RS232 level serial output providing time and date data for the synchronisation of a single device or for PC time synchronisation. The system is available with different software versions providing serial output messages in different formats, including messages compatible with standard NTP ref clock drivers. Special software versions providing serial output formats to your specific requirements are available upon request. The system also has a single PPS output at RS232 signal levels.

Time output referenced to UTC or local time

Software versions are available to output time information referenced to UTC or one of 61 different time zones. Where required, the syncboxRED performs seasonal time change adjustments automatically.


Typical Performance Specifications:
PPS accuracy:1 µsec
PPS jitter:30 nsec
RS232 output accuracy:50 µsec
GPS Module Specifications:
GPS engine:12 parallel channel C/A L 1 (1575.42 MHz)
RF Reception Sensitivity:-189dBW tracking,
-185dBW acquisition (hot or assisted, Ephemeris available),
-174dBW unassisted acquisition (Ephemeris decoded)
I/O Connections:
Serial ASCII output:RS232 level serial data output (format as detailed in the key features section)
PPS output:RS232 level one pulse per second output
Power input: 12 VDC power input, supplied with external power adapter
Mechanical & Electrical Specifications:
Dimensions:158 x 90 x 55 mm (6.22” x 3.54” x 2.17”) (including removable wall brackets, excluding cable grommets)
Weight:1 kg
Enclosure:IP66 / NEMA 4X rated, UV stabilised polycarbonate enclosure. Light grey body and clear cover.
Environmental Specifications:
Operating temperature:-30 to +50 ºC
Relative humidity:0% - 95%, noncondensing
Standards Compliance:
Electrical Safety:BS EN 60950-1:2006
Radio Disturbance:BS EN 55022:2006
Immunity Characteristics:BS EN 55024:2003

Manuals & Downloads

Listed below are the most up to date documents and files for the syncboxRED PC time synchronisation system. Older archived versions are available in the Download section.

syncboxRED Data Sheet
syncboxRED User Manual
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There are currently no additional accessories available for the syncboxRED PC time synchronisation system.