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MC500 Network Time Server

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The MC500 network time server provides high accuracy synchronisation for IP networks.

Part Code: MC500
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Key Features

The MC500 is the ideal master clock solution for time synchronisation of IP networks and CCTV systems. Available with a range of GPS and radio antennas, the MC500 provides synchronised timing for even the largest corporate networks.

Network Time Synchronisation

With its integral ethernet port, the MC500 synchronises the devices on your network via NTP/SNTP protocols. Utilising a proprietary TCP/IP stack and purpose designed hardware, the MC500 can respond with class leading accuracy to many thousands of NTP/SNTP requests per second.

RS-232 time & date output

The RS-232 serial port enables synchronisation of third-party equipment. With 20+ serial data formats, the MC500 is the solution for the synchronisation of CCTV and access control systems or legacy equipment.

PPS Output

High accuracy timing of third-party equipment can be achieved using the user-programmable PPS (pulse per second) output. Class leading performance provides a PPS accuracy of 1 µsec and jitter of 100 nsec.

A range of synchronisation options

The MC500 is available with a range of antenna synchronisation options (including systems operating via GPS, GLONASS, WWVB, MSF and DCF). The common communication protocol used by all antennas gives you maximum flexibility. You can connect, disconnect and upgrade antennas – all whilst the MC500 is powered up and serving time on your network.

Combat GPS jamming

The MC500 helps you combat GPS jamming. You can use the flexible synchronisation system to reduce the effects of GPS jamming by installing a secondary low-frequency antenna. With two antennas connected, the MC500 continually monitors the status of both antennas selecting the most accurate as its primary reference. The second antenna is used as a live backup.

SNTP Time Server Specifications

Typical Performance Specifications:
Synchronised internal timing accuracy: Dependent on synchronisation source accuracy, time elapsed from first lock and cable lengths. Typically within 100nsec of synchronisation source after 30 mins.
NTP timestamp accuracy: Typically within 30 μsec of internal time base.
NTP client accuracy: Dependent on network architecture, utilisation, delays and jitter. Clients typically synchronised to within 200 µsec to 2 msec of MC500 on a local area network.
NTP performance: 5000 NTP requests per second
RS-232 output accuracy: 50 µsec
PPS output accuracy: 1 µsec
PPS output jitter: 100 nsec
Supported Protocols:
Protocols: NTP v2 (RFC 1119), NTP v3 (RFC 1305), NTP v4 (RFC 5905), SNTP v3 (RFC 1769), SNTP v4 (RFC 4330), DHCP
I/O Connections:
Ethernet:10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX auto-sensing
RS-232 / PPS:DB-9 (DE-9) female D-Sub (DCE)
Software update:USB Specification 2.0 compliant full-speed (12 Mbit/s)
Synchronisation inputs:2 x dual-redundant World Time Solutions 1000 series antenna connection ports
Power input:24 VDC power input, supplied with external power adapter
Mechanical & Electrical Specifications:
Dimensions:483 x 44 x 120 mm (19.0” x 1.73” x 4.72”)
Weight:2 kg
Power consumption:0.5 AMPS (@ 24 VDC)
Environmental Specifications:
Operating temperature:0 to 50 ºC
Relative humidity:0% - 95%, noncondensing
Warranty & Support:
Warranty:5 years
Support:Free-of-charge lifetime technical support
Standards Compliance:
Electrical Safety:BS EN 60950-1:2006
Radio Disturbance:BS EN 55022:2006 (class B)
Immunity Characteristics:BS EN 55024:2003

Manuals & Downloads

Listed below are the most up to date documents and files for the MC500. Older archived versions are available in the Download section.

Literature: Drawings: Software:
MC500 Data Sheet MC500 CAD Drawing MC500 Software (version 1.3)
MC500 User Manual MC500 Illustration MC500 Software Release Notes
MC500 EC Declaration of Conformity MC500 Software Update Utility
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Synchronisation Options & Accessories

Synchronisation Options:

The MC500 should be connected to one or two of the following antenna systems.

GPS6000 Time Receiver

The GPS6000 Time receiver provides accurate time synchronisation for your time server. State‑of‑the‑art high performance design ensures reliable timing on your systems, even in hostile RF environments.

MSF1000 Radio Time Receiver

The MSF1000 is an MSF radio time receiver suitable for internal or external use.

DCF1000 Radio Time Receiver

The DCF1000 is a DCF radio time signal receiver suitable for internal or external use.

WWVB1000 Radio Time Receiver

The WWVB1000 is an WWVB radio time receiver suitable for internal or external use.


The MC500 master clock is supplied with an external power adapter, a CAT5 patch cable, an RS-232 serial cable and a copy of the MC500 user manual.