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MC1000 - Installation quick start guide

The following list of procedures can be used for rapid installation of the MC1000 time server:

  1. Install the MC1000 into a 19" equipment rack using the fixings provided. Alternatively the unit can be positioned on a suitable surface.
  2. Connect the MC1000 to a remote antenna system such as the GPS1000. This will provide accurate timing information and removes the need for the user to manually set the time and date. (learn more - Connecting to a remote time receiver system)
  3. Connect the unit to a 100-240V AC mains power supply using the supplied IEC mains cable.
  4. Setup the network interface. (learn more - Programming the network interface)
  5. Program the local time zone. (learn more - Setting the local time zone)
  6. Program the Telnet and HTTP remote access settings. (learn more - Setting up remote access privileges)
  7. Connect the MC1000 to a switch on your Ethernet network using the supplied CAT5 patch cable.

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Further information can be found in the MC1000 user manual on the MC1000 Downloads page. Alternatively, if you would like help from one of our technical team, please contact us