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MC1000 - Connecting to a remote time receiver system

The MC1000 time server has two remote synchronisation inputs that can be used to connect a compatible 1000 series time receiver system. The MC1000 is designed to operate with either one or two time receiver systems connected. In installations using two receiver systems, the second is used as a redundant live backup.

The antenna should be installed as detailed in the accompanying user manual. Further information may be available on this website; please search for the relevant pages in the Technical Support Centre index.

After the receiver system has been installed, it should be connected to one of the Remote Synchronisation Inputs on the rear of the MC1000 using the supplied cable. The connection should be made as shown in the antenna system user guide.

Once connected, the MC1000 detects the antenna system and commences an automatic setup procedure. The user is not required to change any settings on the MC1000.

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Further information can be found in the MC1000 user manual on the MC1000 Downloads page. Alternatively, if you would like help from one of our technical team, please contact us