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MC1000 - Programming the network interface

The Ethernet port enables the MC1000 ntp time server to be connected to a TCP/IP network via an Ethernet switch or hub. The network interface may be programmed to operate with DHCP enabled or disabled. When enabled, network address settings are obtained automatically from the DHCP server. When disabled, network address settings must be entered manually.

Changing the DHCP setting:

  1. Press the SETUP switch on the MC1000 to display the 'NETWORK SETTINGS' menu.
  2. Press the ENTER switch.
  3. Use the UP and DOWN arrow switches to change the DHCP setting to either 'ENABLED' or 'DISABLED'. When the desired mode is displayed, press the ENTER switch.

If DHCP is enabled, the remaining network setup screens will show the IP settings obtained from the DHCP server. If the MC1000 has not yet obtained a DHCP lease, the IP address, subnet and gateway screens will show '---,---,---,---' in place of a valid network address.

Programming static IP settings:

  1. Use the above procedure to change the DHCP setting to 'DISABLED' and press the ENTER switch.
  2. The displayed IP address settings can be adjusted one byte at a time. With the selected byte flashing, the UP and DOWN arrow switches increment and decrement the byte value. The LEFT and RIGHT arrow switches are used to change the selected byte.
  3. Once the IP address has been entered, pressing the ENTER switch will move on to the next screen where the Subnet can be entered using the arrow switches as above.
  4. Press the ENTER switch to move to the next screen and input the gateway address using the arrow switches as above.
  5. Press ENTER to exit the menu.

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