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MC1000 - Setting the local time zone

The user is required to select the local time zone from a preprogrammed list at installation in order for the MC1000 time server to calculate local time from the internal UTC time count. The preprogrammed time zones incorporate seasonal time change information which will occur automatically. The local time zone can be set using the MC1000 front panel switches, or alternatively remotely using the MC1000 Interface Application.

Setting the local time zone using the MC1000 front panel switches:

  1. Press the SETUP switch on the MC1000 to display the 'NETWORK SETTINGS' menu.
  2. Use the LEFT arrow switch to display the 'TIME ZONE SETUP' menu and press the ENTER switch.
  3. Use the UP and DOWN arrow switches to scroll through the preprogrammed time zones (a full list of available time zones can be found in appendix C of the MC1000 user manual).
  4. When the desired time zone is displayed press the ENTER switch to select.
  5. The local time and offset from UTC will now be displayed on the MC1000 status screen.

To set the time zone using the MC1000 interface application, see Controlling the MC1000 via the USB interface and the MC1000 Interface software.

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