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MC1000 - Checking the status of a connected remote time receiver system

In normal operation, the liquid crystal display (LCD) shows the local time, the local date and the offset from UTC. The MC1000 ntp server also has three status display screens accessible via the STATUS switch. The status display screens show basic information from the connected antenna systems and the status of the network interface.

  1. Press the STATUS switch on the MC1000 front panel to view the 'SYNC 1' status.
  2. Press the STATUS switch a second time to view the 'SYNC 2' status.
  3. Press the STATUS switch a third time to display the 'NETWORK STATUS'.
  4. Press the STATUS switch to exit the 'STATUS MENU'.

Antenna status can also be viewed remotely using the HTTP web server:

  1. Ensure that HTTP access is enabled (learn more - see setting up remote access privileges)
  2. Enter the IP address into the address bar of a web browser (e.g. to access status information remotely.

Status information can also be viewed remotely using the MC1000 interface application (see Controlling the MC1000 via the USB interface and the MC1000 Interface software).

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