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MC1000 - Programming a manual leap second event

If required, the user can manually set a positive (1 second added) or negative (1 second removed) leap second. If programmed, the leap second will occur once only at the end of the following March, June, September or December (which ever occurs first) and then be erased. The manual leap second can be programmed via the MC1000 time server front panel switches, or alternatively remotely using the MC1000 Interface Application.

To program a manual leap second using the MC1000 front panel switches:

  1. Press the SETUP switch to display the 'NETWORK SETTINGS' menu.
  2. Press the LEFT arrow switch three times to move through the menu screens until the 'ADVANCED SETUP' menu is displayed.
  3. Press the ENTER switch three times to move through the advanced setup options to access the 'LEAP SECOND' setting.
  4. Use the UP and DOWN arrow switches to change the leap second setting to either 'ENABLED' or 'DISABLED'.
  5. Press the ENTER switch to accept the new settings.
  6. Press the ENTER switch a further seven times to return to the status screen (or alternatively press the STATUS switch once).

To program a manual leap second using the MC1000 interface application, see Controlling the MC1000 via the USB interface and the MC1000 Interface software.

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