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MC1000 - Using the USB interface and MC1000 Interface software

The supplied MC1000 Interface software application enables the MC1000 time server to be fully programmed from a remote PC via the USB interface. All settings normally accessed using the front panel switches can be confirmed and adjusted using this software application. The software is also used for downloading upgraded software versions into the MC1000 (learn more - Upgrading the MC1000).

Installing the MC1000 interface software:

PLEASE NOTE: The USB drivers should be installed prior to connecting the MC1000 to the PC.

  1. Insert the supplied 'MC1000 UTILITIES' CD-ROM into a CD/DVD reader on the PC.
  2. The 'MC1000 UTILITIES' program should automatically run and the MC1000 UTILITIES window should be displayed.
  4. Once the USB drivers have been installed, connect the MC1000 to the PC using the supplied USB cable.
  5. Click 'INSTALL MC1000 INTERFACE SOFTWARE'. The MC1000 interface will start automatically.

Controlling the MC1000 via the Interface software:

The MC1000 Interface software is arranged using a tabbed menu system with a separate tab provided for each of the main setup menus. Additional tabs are also provided for status information and software updates. Many functions can be viewed and changed via the Interface software by clicking on the appropriate tab and making the required changes. For more detailed information regarding controlling the MC1000 using the MC1000 interface software, please refer to the MC1000 user manual.

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Further information can be found in the MC1000 user manual on the MC1000 Downloads page. Alternatively, if you would like help from one of our technical team, please contact us